Turn Your Challenge Into A Product You Can Sell 24/7

(Starting with just the 1 hr challenge magic prompts you already purchased and 5 training sessions with me and my team.)

JUST $197

Regular price: $497 USD

JUST $127

Regular price: $497 USD

What is the "Execute & Evergreen Challenge" BOOTCAMP?

William & I have launched numerous 6 figure challenges.

But here's something we've learned: the real magic isn't just in the live launch.

Sure, we might sell a decent number of tickets during a live launch – like when we hit our record with 361 sign-ups.

But the true success? That happens when we turn these challenges into evergreen products. We're not about one-off successes.

Our focus is on creating challenges that keep generating revenue, long after the live event has ended.

Inside the "Execute & Evergreen Challenge Bootcamp," we provide everything you need to turn your live challenge into an evergreen, money-making machine.

Choose Your Challenge Adventure:

The One-Hit Wonder


  1. Launch a challenge (1 hour)

  2. Build your system (2 hours)

  3. Create your content (3 hours)

  4. Promote your challenge (2 weeks)

  5. Host your live session (2 hours)

  6. Send the replay to your buyers (1 hour)

  7. Start from scratch again (many hours)

The Evergreen Entrepreneur


  1. Launch a challenge (1 hour)

  2. Build your system (2 hours)

  3. Create your content (3 hours)

  4. Promote your challenge (2 weeks)

  5. Host your live session (2 hours)

  6. Send the replay to your buyers (1 hour)

  7. Implement "Execute & Evergreen Challenge Bootcamp" (2 hours)

  8. Start making sales every day (freedom)

Ready to turn your challenge into a freedom-creating product?

Here's what you'll accomplish with our team during the bootcamp:

Day 1: Execute your challenge idea, plan your content & training material.

Day 2: Set your challenge date & set up your pages, emails & social posts.

Day 3: Create an organic & ad strategy for your challenge

Day 4: Develop your evergreen funnel strategy to bring customers in on repeat.

Day 5: Set up the tech & tools for evergreening your content, emails & posts.

BONUS: Build your challenge scorecard so you can scale easily & quickly.

Plus, receive 1 Hr Evergreen Magic which includes a pack of email & social media templates for effortless evergreen promotion.

Challenge Bootcamp

What's Included...

  • 💡Bring Your Challenge to Life: Transform your challenge idea into a reality with step-by-step execution guidance.

  • 📚 Content & Training Mastery: Expert assistance in planning and creating compelling content and training materials that engage and convert.

  • 👨‍🏫 Hands-On Expert Support: Benefit from professional guidance at every step to ensure your challenge is a success.

  • 🚀 Seamless Challenge Launch: Set your challenge dates and get help setting up all necessary pages, emails, and social media posts for a smooth launch.

  • 📈 Effective Promotion Strategies: Develop a tailored promotional strategy, with options for both organic and paid media, to maximize your challenge's reach and impact.

  • 🔁 Evergreen Funnel Blueprint: Learn how to create an evergreen funnel strategy that continuously attracts and retains customers.

  • 🛠️ Tech & Tools Setup for Longevity:

  • Get assistance in setting up the technology and tools needed to keep your content, emails, and posts evergreen.

  • 📊 Scale with Ease: Build a challenge scorecard to track your progress and scale your challenge quickly and efficiently.A quick tech tutorial to edit your live challenge recording in minutes.

  • Get customers 24/7

All for just $127 today


This isn't for those who love lengthy videos and endless learning. "Execute & Evergreen Challenge Bootcamp" is about saving you time with quick LIVE workshops, streamlined instructions, and absolutely zero fluff. That’s it.

We understand the hesitation...

So we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

If "Execute & Evergreen Challenge Bootcamp" doesn’t meet your expectations

just email us for a full refund.

But with a less than 0.2% refund rate,

we're confident you're going to love it.

Got questions? No problem!

When does the bootcamp start? When are the calls?

We start Monday. You'll be able to access all the bootcamp trainings and you'll be able to submit any questions that we can help you with.

Can I use this to launch a new challenge?

Absolutely - this process will work for any challenge!

Should I buy this if I’m planning a live challenge soon?

Absolutely! We'll help you execute for your live challenge and then teach you what you need to do to make it evergreen.

Does this include creating a full sales page?

Yes - but we'll give you the ai prompts needed to execute it and the Done For You sales page so you don't have to worry about coming up with the content or building any pages. It's basically fill-in-the-blanks.

Do I get instant access, or are the trainings live?

The trainings are live and then you'll get lifetime access to the recordings.

Will you cover Facebook Ads strategies for my challenge?

Yes - we'll discuss organic and paid media strategies.

Is this suitable if I’ve already set up an evergreen challenge?

Yes - this will help you scale if you already have an evergreen challenge.

What exactly is your refund policy?

30 days, no questions asked or funny business. Just let us know you want a refund and we'll give you one.

How can I contact you for more questions?

You can chat with us or email us at ashley@ashleyshaw.ca